Europeana Research Grants: The Long List is available!

da | Dic 7, 2016 | Europeana, stream

The long list of projects which have been shortlisted to receive the four Europeana Research Grants has been announced:

Back in September, when the Europeana Research Grants Call was announced, we would never have imagined that in the course of the next few weeks we would be receiving a such vast number of enquiries and, later on, so many interesting proposals.
The 160 research proposals received thoroughly exploited the Europeana ecosystem – collections, API, metadata, channels – and reviewing them took longer than expected. We were particularly thrilled to receive proposals from around the world, from researchers of all fields of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Information Technology
It is with great pleasure therefore that we announce the long list of proposals we have selected. The final decision for the four projects which will receive an award will be made by the Europeana Research Advisory Board by the end of this week.

(Read more here:, and stay tuned to know the winners list!)


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