War correspondence 1914–1919

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Case history

Reference project: War correspondence 1914–1919 – carteggiodiguerra.cnr.it – published in 2017
Coordinator: Eleonora Maria Stella ISPC-CNR, eleonoramaria.stella@cnr.it
Project funded by the Mission Structure for anniversaries of national interest of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

What is the specific need that led you to choose a solution like Muruca?

Since I have no specific expertise, it was suggested to me by people in the sector.

How did Muruca manage to solve this need of yours?

Thanks to Muruca, it proved possible to publish online an archive consisting mainly of handwritten letters, not easy to read and understand, accompanied by cross-references and high-definition images.

In relation to your initial digital resources and skills, how easy was it to use Muruca?

Although the work took a long time and required extreme care and a methodical approach in organising the material to be published, it did not entail any particular difficulties.

Are there any results you have achieved with the introduction of Muruca that you consider to be important for you and your research group?

The Muruca open-source framework has facilitated the use of the correspondence archive by scholars in the sector. It also contributed decisively to its recognition and appreciation in line with the objectives of my project proposal.

Based on your experience, what do you think Muruca’s strength is?

This system lends itself to presenting humanities-related content in an organised manner, making a lot of information and data available. Furthermore, it is easy and intuitive to consult.

Eleonora Maria Stella