Petrarca portal online

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Case history

Reference project:Petrarca Online – 2020 – in progress What is the specific need that led you to choose a solution like Muruca? Muruca was the main IT tool used in the design of the “Petrarca online” portal, a website dedicated to the works, library and life of Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch), which presents the digital editions of all his writings. The portal is the result of a PRIN 2017 project coordinated by Marco Petoletti (Università Cattolica), Monica Berté (Università degli Studi “G. D’Annunzio” Chieti-Pescara), Francesca Florimbii (Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna) and Caterina Malta (University of Messina) and developed under the aegis of the Commissione nazionale per l’edizione delle opere di Francesco Petrarca (in English, “National Commission for the Publishing of the Works of Francesco Petrarca”). How did Muruca manage to solve this need of yours? Muruca enabled the research team to take advantage of a back-end system in which it was possible to insert texts, digital editions, images, descriptions of manuscripts and detailed information on Petrarch’s life. All this data is then displayed and made accessible and searchable online through the front-end, i.e., a user interface. In relation to your initial digital resources and skills, how easy was it to use Muruca? Muruca has proved to be an extremely simple and intuitive tool to use, especially taking into account non-specialist digital skills. Are there any results you have achieved with the introduction of Muruca that you consider to be important for you and your research group? In particular, the back-end allowed all members of the research team to work, even simultaneously, on the implementation of information and data entry in a simple and streamlined manner. The results of this work are made evident by the front-end, which therefore provides the research team with an important tool for checking the work carried out and allows an effective and clear display of the data entered in the back-end. Based on your experience, what do you think Muruca’s strength is? The ease of use and flexibility, which allows Muruca to adapt to the specific needs of the individual project by offering highly effective customised solutions.