Net7 at the “Humanidades Digitales y estudios literarios hispánicos” international conference

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Communication, Digital Humanities

The “Humanidades Digitales y estudios literarios hispánicos” (In English, “Digital Humanities and Hispanic literary studies”) international conference. “De los impresos de la Edad Moderna a las ediciones académicas digitales” (In English, “From Modern Age prints to digital academic editions”) is organised by the Mambrino Project (University of Verona) in collaboration with the Spanish research groups BIDISO (Universidade da Coruña) and COMEDIC (Universidad de Zaragoza) and is part of the activities of the Project of Excellence “Digital Humanities applied to foreign languages and literatures” (2018–2022) of the University of Verona and PRIN 2017 “Mapping Chivalry. “Spanish Romances of Chivalry from Renaissance to 21st Century: a Digital Approach”.

Net7 will be present with a talk entitled “Modelling and representation of themes in diverse digital collections: a case study with Muruca software”.

The conference will be held on 22–23 June, in remote mode. The official language is Spanish.