Muruca tells Net7 at Digital Culture seminar organized by UniPi

by | Mar 22, 2022 | Digital Humanities, Dissemination, Education, Open access

The discipline of Digital Humanities is now widespread and established, and this is demonstrated by the ever-increasing number of study courses, conferences and events dedicated to this field. Outside the academic field, there are companies that have been working for some time to translate the methodological and scientific needs of research groups into IT processes, offering them innovative technological tools to enrich the use of collections and editions. Net7 is certainly one of them.

Wednesday10 Novemberit will be the turn of our company that in the context of theDigital Cultur Seminar(Aula PS1 Polo Fibonacci, Pisa and onMicrosoft Teams – Pisa – 14:15) will present the framework dedicated to the management of Digital Humanities projects: Muruca. A tool designed for research groups and cultural institutions that want to make a literary work or a collection of documents digital, thus facilitating and promoting its consultation, knowledge and dissemination in the context of Digital Humanities.

The use case presented will beMuruca Racconta, a digital edition that aims to show an example of ancient literature such as fairy tales. The project allows you to browse a collection dedicated to the world of fairy tales, with the possibility of viewing the text, both translated and original, in an interactive way; to explore the archive following the thread of the motifs, or the morals contained in each fairy tale; to visualize the resources in a diachronic and spatial sense, respectively through a dedicated timeline and an interactive map; and finally to allow the user access to in-depth courses, which offer a selection of stories relating to a specific theme concerning fairy tales.