This year, at the annual conference of the Associazione per l’Informatica Umanistica e la Cultura Digitale (“”the Italian Association for Digital Humanities and Culture””) a, Net7 participates with a poster dedicated to Muruca 2.0, the new platform version for publishing digital collections and editions. 

Years of experience in the field of digital humanities have led the team to consider how Muruca can be improved in terms of usability for users, research potential and sharing of results, but also to ensure greater adherence to international standards.

Given the constant tension between “”tailor-made”” platforms and standardised products, Muruca attempts to find the best compromise between the specific needs of research teams and the need to adhere to FAIR principles on data management in order to move ever closer to a model of knowledge that is truly shared and interoperable.

For the poster and conference details, all documents can be downloaded at these links