Muruca: a tool to share knowledge digitally

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Communication, Digital Humanities, Digital libraries, Impact, Open access, Open data, Open science, Team

Muruca is a simple and immediate solution built to meet the needs of research teams and cultural institutions that want to organize and make their research and study material available digitally to a wide audience.

Muruca is a framework for storing, managing, publishing and disseminating digital objects, entities and relations among them.  The framework  is based on two main components: the backend and the frontend. The backend is the platform used to insert and manage data. Builded on an open source content management system (wordpress), it is seamlessly connected with the frontend.  Designed to be independent of the backend, Muruca’s frontend is the actual user interface, providing a number of flexible and versatile search tools that allow easy consultation of research results.

Why choose Muruca

Through the Muruca‘s backend it is possible to customize each element that will then appear on the frontend: from purely editorial content to the organization of categories. It allows to create “records” for each work, with its metadata, and also to associate transcriptions and images or other multimedia that can be consulted through text or metadata search tools, image viewer and text reader.

Muruca is designed to be a modular platform that allows users to create structured records of contents, organize them in collections or in courses and create links among topics.
The possibility to display data on maps and timelines makes the navigation more interactive and allows a multidisciplinary approach, by leaving to the users the freedom to carry out searches in a transversal and autonomous way.

Muruca also supports the management of transcriptions in XML-TEI (text encoding initiative) format through the integration of the open source tool TEI Publisher.

Muruca is an adaptable, safe and accessible tool for everyone, able to guarantee sustainability and maintainability over time thanks to the standardization of the product and its continuous updating. A tool designed both for consultation and for the dissemination of knowledge with an eye on user centered practices.

Everything in one place, always accessible and available from everywhere.