Over the years, Muruca has told many different stories and spoken many languages, and we want to continue to do so, responding in a timely manner to new needs and new ways of accessing culture.

In the past year, in fact, we have worked intensively on its renewal, with the additional motivation linked to the pandemic situation and the consequent evolution of cultural consumption, habits, working methods and tools: this has pushed us to accelerate because we are convinced that rebirth and recovery can be fully expressed precisely in and through the digital world.

Since it was first conceived, Muruca has always been a laboratory in constant evolution, with continuous design work in search of solutions in step with the times to make this tool increasingly flexible, safe and accessible to all.

Thanks to new technological choices, we have identified functionalities to be added and developed for a product upgrade that guarantees long-term sustainability, maintainability and ease of use.

So let’s take things to the next level with Muruca 2.0!

New technology, a revamped design and now we want it to become a comprehensive knowledge building and sharing tool, integrating all the elements that can give a voice to your collections, your knowledge, and your culture.

Behind every research project, there is a story, and with Muruca, we will help you to tell it. This is the first new application for research bodies and cultural institutions looking to digitise a literary work or a collection of documents, thereby facilitating consultation, knowledge and promotion.

Everything in one place, always accessible and available everywhere.