Europeana Radio: an outcome of Europeana Sounds project

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Open science, stream

The new application Europeana Radio, powered by songs from the Europeana Music Collections and gathering audio archives from all over Europe, has been launched on 12 January has an outcome of Europeana Sounds project:

This latest achievement has been accomplished after 3 years of collecting sounds archives on Europeana Music from institutions across Europe. The Europeana Sounds project involved 24 partners from 12 European countries (including national libraries, sound institutions, research centres and universities) working together to make audio and audio-related content accessible to public audiences, the creative industries and researchers. One outcome of the project, Europeana Music Collections gather music recordings, sounds, radio programmes and more musical archives enriched with meaningful contextual knowledge. To ensure the widest possible availability of this content, Europeana Radio builds on the Music Collections and provides an easy access to a wide ranging selection of sound treasures, inviting historians, academics and listeners from general audiences to experience these recordings through a player. Almost 200,000 unique playable tracks are available to browse or play on random mode on three stations – Classical Music; Traditional and Folk Music; and Popular Music. Currently, 12 institutions have made their collection available in the radio, with more to come (read here to know more: