Europeana in the NT100 2016 as a leader in the field

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Digital Humanities, stream

Europeana named by the Nominet Trust as one of the 2016 NT100, the annual celebration of 100 inspiring tech for good projects from around the world:

The Nominet Trust rewards innovative projects providing a better access to knowledge and education, and the fostering of understanding in society. These values relate strongly to those of Europeana where promoting the richness and diversity of our shared European cultural heritage for the benefit of all, through digital technology is at the heart of our mission. Being thought of as a leading innovator in the field is recognition of the vision that the European Commission (EC) and the Member States (MS) had in establishing Europeana. A vision recently reinvigorated by Council Conclusions which renewed the commitment of MS, and the CEF funding which might well get us to the next decade. (Read the full news here: