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The most important discoveries of DH2016

DH2016, annual conference of Digital Humanities is a great opportunity to take a broad view of the state of the art in the different domains covered by this wide definition.

From the Past to the Future. Some reflections after DH2016 #1

Backing home from Krakow after four rich days...

DH2016 | dispatch #01

DG2016, day 2: Muruca's team member Giulio is now following Enrica Salvatori speech: “Digicraft and ‘Systemic Thinking’ in Digital Humanities.

This is not a library. Tools to build a digital library

Five basic tools to build a digital library

Digital Hub, of course!

The origin of Digital Hub, a digital “agorà” designed to empower internal and external communication of research and cooperation projects

Towards DH2016

At Krakow conference Muruca' team presents present a poster on Pundit Web annotator

From the Past to the Future. Some reflections after DH2016 #2

The second suggestion I bring back home from Krakow, is hooked to the end of the previous one

Pundit shortlisted for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016

Good news! Our web annotator Pundit, a component of Muruca Framework, has been short-listed for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016.

From the Past to the Future. Some reflections after DH2016 #3

My third and last suggestion concerns some thoughts inspired by Claire Warwick‘s keynote at the closing ceremony of DH2016.

It’s a hard life amongst nerds!

My path to getting here was strange: I graduated from high school studying Latin and Greek, I studied digital humanities in Pisa, then I started working in Net7 as a real programmer

Annotating all Knowledge: Adventures in Interoperability

As part of a small and ...

Europeana in the NT100 2016 as a leader in the field

As many of you know I am very keen on a Cultural Commons and the role of Culture in our society, so I am particularly pleased to finish this year with news that Europeana has been named by the Nominet Trust as one of ...