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Are you part of a research group, a museum, a foundation, or a cultural institution? Muruca is the solution that allows you to put your content online quickly and easily.
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    Why choose Muruca?

    Because it is the flexible, accessible and extensible solution: from written text to artwork to multimedia content. Muruca is compatible with international cataloguing standards.


    A recognisable and defined form for your data

    Flexibly organised information, traceability of each individual piece of data

    High-quality information, easy retrieval

    Adaptation to international coding standards, optimal viewing with the integration of TEI Publisher

    Possibility of adding extra pages of content related to the collection, the project or the work team

    Usability and a multidisciplinary approach to your content


    Start using Muruca right away.
    Design and build your collection in just a few steps.

    Organise your materials into courses or collections

    Develop advanced search tools

    Manage all your editorial content in a customised way

    Create structured tabs with detailed content, create relationships between tabs

    Transcribe in xml format

    Display your data on maps and timelines, including complex ones

    Success stories

    Muruca has about 20 years of experience in the humanities.
    We are the pioneers of yesterday, and today, we have a lot to share.

    Petrarca portal online

    Muruca was the main IT tool in the design of the portal dedicated to the works, library and life of Francesco Petrarca and which presents the digital editions of all his writings. The portal is the result of a PRIN 2017 project which involved various Italian universities

    AUTESO project

    The portal dedicated to the “Autógrafos Teatrales del Siglo de Oro”.
    The idea was to create a digital structure, starting from a paper cataloging model, which had become impractical due to its size. Muruca responded to the need for ease of use and content customization.

    War correspondence 1914–1919

    Thanks to Muruca, it proved possible to publish online an archive consisting mainly of handwritten letters, not easy to read and understand, accompanied by cross-references and high-definition images.


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    Muruca: a tool to share knowledge digitally

    Muruca is a simple and immediate solution built to meet the needs of research teams and cultural institutions ...
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    Muruca tells Net7 at Digital Culture seminar organized by UniPi

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    Muruca has been created, designed and implemented by a team of professionals from different sectors. Designers, developers, user interface experts, communicators: a team rich in history and experience in the world of digital humanities available for your project.

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