Muruca is a turnkey product for publishing digital resources on the Web

It is a flexible framework based on core and additional modules, all designed to answer the specific needs of scholars, editors and publishers.

The following Muruca modules can be used to build your own Digital Scholarly Edition:


odt template

ODT Template

We  customize ODT templates to facilitate the work of XML encoders.
ODT files are then converted into XML-TEI files directly from the Muruca platform, by customizing OxGarage, an open source tool.

odt template

Edition Visualization Technology - EVT

EVT is a light-weight software program for creating image-based web editions of manuscripts.
The application provides instruments to fully take advantage of manuscript scans and editions (such as a magnifying lens, a general zoom, hot spots, image-text link). EVT also supports a simple and yet intuitive way of showing markups and annotations (e.g. to highlight correspondences between transcribed texts and facsimiles).
TEI P5 encoded texts is supported as a data input format.

Muruca Core

Muruca core

Configuration of the back-end: workflow(s), users, import of the resources, multilingual options.
This module includes a basic configuration of the search engine.

odt template

Advanced Search Options

Powered by Solr, an open source search engine , we offer different customizations (advanced search options, search for autocomplete), on the basis of your particular needs.

odt template


Pundit is an open source web annotator which enables you to perform advanced critical editions.
Pundit can be embedded into the Digital Library and customized considering the specific needs of the editorial team.

odt template

Editorial module

Muruca can be configured in order to have editorial pages for publishing content that is external to the Digital Library.

odt template


We offer various specific standard data visualizations (multiple visualizations of a single resource, timeline, map, etc), based on open source tools, as well as highly customized data visualizations.


Digital libraries using Muruca


odt template


We offer a few basic templates which can be slightly adapted (colors, font, logo) to customers needs.

odt template


We offer ad hoc design and development of highly customized UX.