The Digital Hub is a digital “agorà” designed to empower internal and external communication of research and cooperation projects.

It implements a variety of networking, communication, dissemination and outreach services targeted to different audiences, accordingly to the specific project objectives.


The following Muruca modules can be used to build your own Digital Hub:

Semantic web platform

Semantic web platform

A semantic web portal dedicated to collect the best and innovative news in the field and to publish them in a filtered way.
The semantic web portal can automatically classify web contents, in multiple languages, by identifying the key concepts included in the text.



A social media analysis platform that will be configured to automatically search for specific posts from the most common Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), collects the results and perform multiple analysis, including the identification of the most used concepts and hashtags, the web pages and sites that are most frequently cited in social conversations, geographical analysis (where the users are located), who are the influencers.

Muruca Core


By mimicking the interactions of persons in social networks, it allows to easily build communities of researchers, sharing specific and multiform interests and freely exchanging information in an agile but effective way.
It provides a set of advanced services that allow partners to communicate and collaborate, including discussion forums, document management, collaborative wikis, polls and surveys, content import from rss feeds, personal messaging.

odt template


Pundit is an open source web annotator which enables you to perform advanced critical editions.
Pundit can be embedded into the Digital Library and customized considering the specific needs of the editorial team.

odt template


We offer various specific standard data visualizations (multiple visualizations of a single resource, timeline, map, etc), based on open source tools, as well as highly customized data visualizations.


Editorial Plans

Besides the technical modules, content curation activities are a strategic part of the Digital Hub.
We develop editorial plans, both for social networks and the web, tailored to the project objectives and targeted audiences, and provide strategies for fostering participation and collaboration.

Editorial support

We offer editorial support: to select, mediate, and transform information; to edit and manage the social media channels and translate content into actionable insights; to activate certain mechanisms in order to initiate virtuous circles; to guarantee quality and adaptation thought a constant process of monitoring.