Digital Hub, of course!

da | Lug 11, 2016 | Digital Hub, Team

The origin of Digital Hub, a digital “agorà” designed to empower internal and external communication of research and cooperation projects

“Content is king” is a very famous motto born at the dawn of the New Economy when web content management was starting to take the Internet by storm.


The Web 2.0 explosion, with the new role played by social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, has further contributed to an over-exposure to information. The core problem that web initiatives face today is therefore the selection and curation of web content, coming from web sites (especially those with a “web 2.0” character like blogs or forums) and social networks alike. To mitigate this problem, three integrated tools will be used: a Semantic Web Portal, that can automatically classify web contents, in multiple languages, by identifying the key concepts included in the text; a social media analysis platform; and a networking and collaboration platform.

It’s the origin of Digital Hub. This is a digital “agorà” designed to empower internal and external communication of research and cooperation projects. It implements a variety of networking, communication, dissemination and outreach services targeted to different audiences, accordingly to the specific project objectives. The Digital Hub collects, shares and generates timely stories, articles, and media content which are enriched and elaborated by the editorial board. It uses different media format (info-graphics, short-video, articles, interviews, live streaming, live tweeting) to communicate and disseminate activities, events and research materials generated by different partners and publicly available on the web. Once identified targeted audiences and objectives, the goals are to create a social community around the topics of the project, and to favor the co-production of content and meaning with our audiences: the project’s partners represent one interlocutor who confronts with others to produce significant knowledge around how to experience and address the societal challenges.

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