DH2016 | dispatch #01

da | Lug 13, 2016 | Digital Humanities, Team

DG2016, day 2: Muruca’s team member Giulio is now following Enrica Salvatori – Professor in Medieval History, University of Pisa, Course Degree in Digital Humanities – talking about “Digicraft and ‘Systemic Thinking’ in Digital Humanities”

This the abstract of her speech:

“I propose a paper on the vision of Digital Humanities in Italy in comparison with examples and ideas emerged in the international arena. Looking on one hand to the recent history of this discipline in my nation (degree courses, associations, meetings) and on the other to my work at the University of Pisa, inside the Digital Humanities course degree and within the Digital Culture Laboratory, Ill try to figure out the possible borders of the Digital Humanities, their role within the Humanities in general and the changes they have brought in the practice of research.”

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